Introducing Elyssa

SIX Augmented Reality Applications under ONE Umbrella Brand

Project Elyssa is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at redefining the augmented reality landscape. This ambitious project is building an Ecosystem that encompasses six distinct augmented reality apps, all united under one umbrella brand. Each app is designed to cater to different facets of daily life, offering unique and immersive experiences. Project Elyssa plans to unveil these apps one by one, allowing each to shine in its own right while benefiting from the shared brand identity.

ACADEMY is an educational app that transcends traditional learning methods by leveraging the power of augmented reality. It offers an immersive experience that enables students to gain a deeper understanding of various subjects by observing 3D models up close, revolutionizing the way we study and comprehend complex concepts.

Project Elyssa will push the boundaries of human experience with the launch of ETHEREAL - a groundbreaking, sensual augmented reality app. Unlike anything seen before, ETHEREAL will offer an immersive and enticing journey into the realm of erotic artistry, combining static models, animations, and videos to create a captivating experience that caters to various tastes and desires.

Introducing FURRBLE, the virtual pets application under the Elyssa brand that brings the magic of animated animals into your real world through AR technology. Just like the nostalgic Tamagotchi, but with a modern twist, FURRBLE will allow you to choose from a variety of adorable species to raise and nurture without the real-world responsibilities.

With MIRRA, the virtual dressing room app, people will be able to try on different types of clothes and effortlessly change colors without the hassle of visiting an actual dressing room or handling physical garments. This premium app will be designed to cater to both amateur users seeking fashion advice at home and companies looking to enhance their business strategies with cutting-edge augmented reality technology.

Elyssa plans to develop QUICKPICK, the augmented reality grocery companion app that aims to revolutionize the way we shop, making it not only convenient but also educational and engaging. QUICKPICK will harness the potential of augmented reality to provide a unique and immersive shopping experience. Using your smartphone's camera, the app will overlay digital information onto real-world products, unlocking a wealth of valuable data at your fingertips.

The concept behind Venture is simple yet groundbreaking - it will enable users to explore popular tourist destinations and even exotic locations from the comfort of their living rooms. Whether you are unable to travel due to financial constraints or have reservations about stepping out of your comfort zone, Venture will break down these barriers, offering an unparalleled virtual travel experience.


Phase ONE (Completed!)

  • Launch on Uniswap with Audit and KYC Certificates
  • Develop Augmented Reality App Demo
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listings
  • Develop Universal Educational AR App - Academy
  • Develop DeSci AR models for the Academy App

Phase TWO

  • Publish the Academy App on GooglePlay and AppStore
  • Develop more Sets of Models for the Academy App
  • Develop Sensual Experience AR App - Ethereal
  • Develop AR models for the Ethereal App
  • Introduce Services to Elyssa Ecosystem


  • Introduce In-app Purchases and Advertising to the Academy App
  • Publish the Ethereal App on GooglePlay and AppStore
  • Develop different types of models for the Ethereal App
  • Develop Virtual Pets App - Furrble
  • Develop more Sets of Models for the Academy App
  • Start Revenue Sharing pool

Phase FOUR

  • Continue adding new content to Academy and Ethereal Apps
  • Expand Ethereal App with different style of models and animations
  • Publish the Furrble App on GooglePlay and AppStore
  • Develop new gadgets for Furrble App
  • Develop Virtual Tourist App - Venture
  • Release first limited edition Augmented Reality NFT collection
  • Expand team with Designers

Phase Five

  • Continue adding new content to the published apps
  • Expand existing apps with new features
  • Publish the Venture App on GooglePlay and AppStore
  • Release second limited edition Augmented Reality NFT collection
  • Integration with visionOS
  • Expand team with Software Engineers

Phase SIX and BEYOND

  • Continue adding new content to the published apps
  • Continue releasing limited edition Augmented Reality NFT collections
  • Develop and Publish Virtual Dressing Room app - Mirra
  • Develop and Publish Grocery Store Companion app - QuickPick
  • Integration with Smart Mirrors and other AR compatible devices
  • Further team expansions
  • Introduce new staking pools


  • Mainnet: Ethereum
  • Token Symbol: $ELY
  • Total Supply: 10.000.000
  • Total Tax: 5% Buy/Sell
  • Ownership: Renounced

Revenue Streams

In-app Purchases

Premium Application



Augmented Reality NFTs


While AR has primarily been experienced through smartphones and tablets, Elyssa has a broader vision for integration, aiming to leverage various smart devices to enhance the AR experience.


Vision OS is the revolutionary new operating system designed specifically for Apple's Vision Pro devices. It boasts an intuitive interface, seamless integration with advanced vision-based technologies, and a suite of powerful tools to enhance productivity and creativity.

Smart Glasses

The emergence of specialized smart glasses has unlocked a new realm of possibilities. These cutting-edge wearables offer advantages that surpass traditional handheld devices, revolutionizing the way we perceive and engage with augmented reality.

Smart Mirrors

From enhanced functionality to seamless integration with smart home systems, smart mirrors are revolutionizing the way we perceive ourselves and interact with our surroundings.

Meet Our Team

NAME: Alan Walker

AGE: 34
BACKGROUND: Business management

NAME: Lucas Pot

AGE: 33
BACKGROUND: Software engineering

NAME: Hannah Vizzo

AGE: 38